SORRY not the next comic but still entertaining

I have this stalker who "hunts" me, I mean at first I thought it was all good fun, but then when he said he hunted me for like an hour (my buddies told me since they said he mails them asking for my location), I thought it was a little odd. Nothing against the guy, but it was all a little weird. So my buddy and
I screwed with his mind.

He finally caught up to us, and then I mailed everyone in the game to not look twice at our odd comments. We then pretended like he just joined in on our "cyber" game. Do enjoy...(no bad words just...well raunchy but all good fun )

His name is Yoshitsune, and he's always wanted to be in the comic. Well, close enough
I tried to make the whole thing as buyable as possible...
LOL thanks Vay, for the backup...
LOL forgot to congrats Vay there, Hiragi ftw
Censored word was fetish...
LOL finally, he was silent for a while then came in with a ">_>", the blood comment got him all weirded out.
The choice of steamy made me LOL in real life.
Now I leave you with the most WTF comment ever, brought to you by Imfezi...
Censored word was bite
Well, sorry it ain't the next installment, but the guy joined and we took this opportunity to mess with him, all fun times though. Yoshitsune, you made the comic, somewhat, congrats!