The Struggles of a Cast Fortetecher #9

We now return with...

The Gimp Squad has been assembled, but we had to go our seperate ways for a few days to catch up on our other duties. Mine was being Vice CAST. I went to meet with Balthasar to tell him the great news.


Word spread like peanut butter on bread. Like a wildfire in a dry forest. Like my cheeks as I sit on the...*ahem* sorry.


Deja Vu wasn't Deja's future self? And what is Balthasar planning? Who is bringing the caramel? Will Deja ever recover from his depressive state?

All of this and more...NEXT CHAPTER! HA, my comic is like PSU updates.

Thanks to:

Balthasar like 5x over
Deja Vu like 5x over

That's it I think, I need to get more peeps involved. Hope you enjoy,