The Struggles of a Cast Fortetecher #8

We now return with...
After that close call with Sara's brother, I caught up with Canopy outside the game...
I drifted off into a dream, or at least I thought it was a dream...
A Newman? WTF?! So that's why I went the way of the Fortetecher, it is in my blood, or what little blood I have left in this metallic casing.
My wife, Canopy (thought I'd never say that...but hot dog! Check out that fine piece of...*ahem* sorry) always likes to keep me on the edge about my past...ah well.

Sanosuke showed up to see what I was up to. I introduced my new friend, the mighty Beast Fortegunner, to him.
OMG?! Teh plot twist?! Deja is a Newman? Copernia went up 0.20?! UNBELIEVAMAZIN!!

Will Deja ever find out why he is a Cast now? And now that the Gimp Squad has been assembled, how will their story of gimpness, courage, honor, and lots of deaths unfold?!

Stay tuned. Or don't. Frankly, I don't care. Wait I do. *explodes*
Thanks to:

Sakura Jr.
Deja Vu AKA the famous Security
Virus Alert AKA Sara
Balthasar AKA Melchior

Hope that is everyone. Thanks again, and keep it realz.