The Struggles of a Cast Fortetecher #5

*cue...theme song?*
After reuniting with Sanosuke, we decided to play our first game together and see what we were both made of...
We played so long with our gimped characters that the LEVEL went dark...ouch.
Balthasar hit me up on my cell and I parted ways with Sanosuke. We'd see another day of battle, no doubt. I met Balthasar up in his room.
Well this is incredibly random. I had a dozen thoughts running through my head. I do agree that a person should have a significant other in order to help him become a great leader.
Where DO I start? I had no idea. Balthasar handed me an unlabeled DVD, and told me to watch it. I was hesistant, but what did I have to lose? I popped it in...
Well that was pointless, although I admit it was entertaining. I didn't even FEEL like drudging through the rest of that garbage, maybe some other time. I took matters into my own hands. I can do this, no sweat.
Well now...aren't I the ladies man? That completely shattered my confidence. I had one last hope, and that was to go to the most romantic place on my home planet of Parum. Then, while there, hope the girl I ask out is so distracted by the beautiful scenery that she accidentely mutters a "yes".

Since I had to stay so fresh and so clean for the ladies, I hitched a ride to get there so I didn't have to go through any strenuous activity.
What an odd fellow...but I was stuck in his cab ride all the way to my destination. I kicked my feet up and tried my best to enjoy the ride...


Where is the most romantic place on Parum? And will Deja score himself a girlfriend when he arrives? Stay tuned!