The Struggles of a Cast Fortetecher #4

We now return...

The Struggles of a Cast Fortetecher

I was a little late to the weekly CS meeting, that’s “Cast Supremacy” for the ones with organic parts.
As Balthasar started with his scripture readings, my CPU wondered off and I started thinking about the Newman Fortefighter.
The thing about us Casts is that whatever we are thinking gets broadcasted to other Casts within 20-30 feet of us…
Thankfully I was saved by uncomfortable silence.
After about a half hour, the meeting concluded…
After the meeting, Balthasar pulled me aside…
Vice CAST. Wow. WTF? Why me? Why now? I had too much on my hard drive to worry about, and now this? Let me take you back to what happened earlier, and what was causing all of this nervousness.
I just stormed out of there. The hacker was of no use to me, and now I have nothing to give to that psychotic Protranser. I spent the rest of the day staring into space watching Sex in the City.
…and so here I am, back on the 4th floor. I should be happy, being as how I am Vice Cast now. Then suddenly, two emails out of the blue changed everything.
What a relief. Finally, I have my chance to apologize to the Newman. I found him in Moatoob...
Ok, MAYBE that's not what happened...this fruity purple coating I got is starting to influence my processes. Anyways, I caught up to him in the bar and handled it in a more masculine fashion...short and sweet.
Sanosuke and Deja have been reunited! What adventures await the two worst players in all of Phantasy Star? Stay tuned!


I got tons of Casts to thank, seriously, that CS meeting took forever, and they all still stayed around. Thank you to the following:

Evil Ryu
Sakura Jr.
Deja Vu
Kamiinto Komori P3
and Blanky (sorry

Without ya'll, the first pic wouldn't be NEAR as funny. Thanks again.